Sunday 16 June 2024




I've fallen behind on writing strips, so Jim's filling the void the next few weeks. Having said that I've got some ideas based on this last season. Soon, very soon...

Jim also stepped up and did some art for Too Broad and Too Deep, a podcast I do with with fellow 7th Doctor fan, Anthony. I say some art...

I sent Jim a page that included the 3rd, 4th and 7th Doctor in the Doctor's mind (I know, I know) hoping that it'd inspire Jim to draw a scene. Jim turned the whole page into a strip and I bloody love it. Hopefully Jim has stuck some of the sample art into the blog for you to see. I reckon we'll run the actual strip Jim drew after The Fez Affair concludes. 

Speaking of conclusions. That was Sutekh!

Even when they riffed on Pyramids of Mars back in The Devil's Cord I never for a moment thought that meant Sutekh.

I know he's cropped up in other media, but I only know him from Pyramids. I suspect that's all I'll need for next week. Fingers crossed at any rate.

We'll gloss over turning back time by rewinding the VHS, which I suspect will become the Whovian verson of jumping the shark...

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