Saturday 21 October 2023



I do like the new sonic, it reminds me of a Babylon 5 ship. Little hint of Vorlon to it. I think it's safe to presume that Gatwa will get another one, this one feels pretty Tennant.

Apologies for the late posting. It's been a rather somber day here at the Printer's World. We learned this morning that Jim had been in a pretty serious accident. He was hit by a car whilst on a zebra crossing with his bike. Thankfully the bike was the only loss and Jim is still with us. He's suffering from several fractures in his arm and shoulder. He's also broken a few of his vertebrates. We're trying not to think too hard about that last one. It gives me the fear.

Whilst working out how to post this morning with Ness I discovered that Ness is without a laptop and has been working solely from his tablet and that it's fast running out of space. 

Ness' lack of storage and Jim's drop in income as a result of his accident has prompted me to do something that's been on my mind for a while. I can't pay Jim and Ness for their work, it's bothered me for a long time. In Print will always be free, that's a cast iron promise. But for the first time ever in our history we're putting out the option of tipping us. 

We've all signed up for BuyMeACoffe. Jim will be using his to supplement his reduced income. Ness is going to be saving for a laptop or desktop with his. And mine also exists.

So, sorry fot the serious tone today and for sharing these links for you. But I figure it beats typing up an obituary for Jim. I'm thankful for that.