Tuesday 31 October 2023




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The most common observation/complaint I get about my other writing is that I have a tendency to go meta. It's a hard accusation to dismiss given that last panel there.

The timing is pretty unfortunate what with Jim being incapacitated due to being run over, but that's not why Ness is working on the ongoing strip. That was a natural evolution. Having Jim tied up in the corner still tickles me.

Jim will still keep contributing strips, he's currently got a small pile of ones from the 13th Doctor era that I wrote recently. 

I don't talk much about my other writing, but I've been trying to teach myself how to write for stage and film. I've got a couple of short films on YouTube and had a play performed a few months back. I would link to them, but I'm currently writing this blog on my phone and haven't worked out hyperlinks from here just yet.

Of course the big news is that we finally have release dates for the specials. At first I was disappointed none of them were on the 23rd until I realised that they were all on Saturdays. Nice to be back them. I know we missed this week, but hopefully we'll see you all next Saturday.

Foot note: We've all signed up for BuyMeACoffe. Jim will be using his to supplement his reduced income. Ness is going to be saving for a laptop or desktop with his. And mine also exists. 

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