Saturday 4 November 2023



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Ah yes, the Doctor of War. 

As you might have expected I was very, very excited when Big Finish announced they were going to be resurrecting their old Unbound Range. 'He Jests at Scars' was what pulled me into the world of Big Finish and the idea of fresh new actors performing fresh new takes was about the best news I could have expected. 

Slight cloister bells rang when they announced that Colin Baker was going to be playing The Doctor of War. Not that I dislike Colin Baker, his early work with Maggie Staples with Big Finish remains a highlight to me. But I did feel that Unbound worked best with actors unfamiliar with the role. I needn't have worried though, Baker absolutely nailed the part. 

So enthusiastic for the new range that, for the first time ever, I pre-ordered both volumes. Even though multiple volumes also niggled at me. David Warner aside the Unbounds usually benefited from the one and done approach. 

I remain hopeful that Big Finish have more Unbounds to come, but I really do hope that they revert to their earlier formula of single volumes and new actors. Well I say new, I would love to see Richard E Grant reprise the Shalka Doctor. Lenny Henry's Doctor could also be fun. Surely Who has enough fans that they could bring in some notable names? Andy Serkis could be amazing, as would Michael Sheen, Tom Hiddleston, Emma Thompson, Patterson Joseph, James MacAvoy, Richard Ayoade or Benedict Cumberbatch. Bill Nighy would be absolute fantasy casting. Anthony Head has been on my fantasy Doctor list since the 90s, as has Jack Davenport. My daughter wants to see Colin Morgan or Daniel Radcliffe have a shot, which honestly I'm not against, especially if they cast Tom Felton as the Master. Actually, reflecting on it; Emma Watson would work better than Radcliffe. 

Just not Alan Davies. Never Alan Davies.

Foot note: We've all signed up for BuyMeACoffee. Jim will be using his to supplement his reduced income. Ness is going to be saving for a laptop or desktop with his. And mine also exists. 

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