Saturday 23 September 2023


Another Scot. 

As I'd hope most of you would remember, I'm also a Scot; so I'm pretty delighted that Ncuti Gatwa has been cast. Throw in that the guy seems to get the Doctor and that he's already using non-gendered pronouns when referring to the Doctor then I'm pretty confident that we're in for a treat. Also whenever I hear Gatwa talking about the Doctor he's just so enthusiastic and obviously having fun, hopefully that translates well into the series proper.

Let's do some number crunching. That's always fun. We've had 15 actors playing the Doctor in the series proper. McCoy, Tennant, Capaldi and now Gatwa make up just over a quarter of them. That's decent representation, even if you factor in that Tennant had to lose his accent for the part. 

Speaking of Tennant, he's played the 10th (twice) and now the 14th. If you count all the Doctors and don't get bogged down by an ever complicating numbering system then we've had 17 Doctors since and including William Hartnell. That means roughly 17% of Doctors have been played by David Tennant alone. If you factor in the metacrisis Doctor that stayed with Rose (and only him or the numbers will skew dangerously) then it's 22% of Doctors. You factor the other Scotttish actors into that then the Doctor has been Scottish for nearly 39% of his tenure. 

But never Welsh or Irish. 

But I digress. 

If we accept RTD's assertion that 10's acquired accent was a result of being close to Rose then we have to accept that Jamie had a much bigger impact than any other companion before or since.

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