Monday 18 July 2022

IN PRINT - 134


It's a bit hot isn't it? Even up here in the frozen North I'm practically melting. 

Ah yes, Yorkshire spoons. The Scottish Doctors aren't really rallying round the 13th Doctor's apparent attachment to what our neighbours to the south charmingly refer to ads 'the north' It's meant as simple tongue in cheek and I'd hope it's taken as such. 

I'd also like to take a moment to point out that In Print, when it started, was very much a collaboration between Scots and English Who fans. 

Expect us to veer back into Scottish spoon loving Doctors when Gatwa takes over the TARDIS. 

Apologises for the late posting, Jim had the strip up a while back, but I'm afraid I'm only just getting to it now. Life and all that.

I've not written much this year. I lost my writing mentor at the start of the year and I've struggled to write anything. So I'm grateful to have a reason to be writing again, baby steps and all that.

I did manage to submit something for the Paul Spragg Memorial, though it's not my strongest work. Would you folks like to see my previous efforts? You can let me know.