Sunday 17 September 2023



So we've rebranded a bit. We've merged the main strip with The Infinites to become, well, you've read the strip before the blog. In Print; Infinities. Going forward Ness will be handling the main art duties for the ongoing strip, but the Jim fans can relax as our Jim still intends to make strips, keep his hand in and will be handling the reactions strips with the 7th and 8th Doctor which this whole project was built on. 

I'm in the process of writing a few strips for the 13th Doctor era that we're hoping to get out there before the new era of Who kicks off properly. Jim has had a few ideas for Arachnids in the UK and I'm desperate to do something with The Power of the Doctor. The Guardians of the Edge could have been written for In Print I reckon and can't wait to unleash 7 and 8 on them. 

Ness has a good number of scripts already finished and it's got me buzzing to kick start the narrative element again. The Timeless Child has opened up several potential ideas for the strip. 

So, yeah, it's good to be back is what I'm trying to say. Very good.

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