Saturday 18 June 2022


For the record I have nothing but disdain for all the above plot points. 

Utter disdain.

But it's hard to argue that there's not a definite pattern in the Master's modus operandi. I shudder to think what's coming next, I know I should have a little more faith given the return of RTD, but he's the one who gave us the Master turning the human race into identical Gallifreyan duplicates in the first place.

I was really hoping that Sacha Dhawan might make it into the new RTD era, but given that he's getting a few box sets over at Big Finish it seems all but certain that he's done with the show proper. A real shame.

I'm still getting my head round looking forward to the new era when there's still a regeneration episode to come first. I'm usually a sucker for regeneration story, but I'm honestly unfussed about the impending one.