Saturday 30 March 2024

IN PRINT - 136


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Right. Positive. We're going to be positive about this episode. 



The spiders look more realistic than they did in  Planet of the Spiders.

That's about it. I can't even say it's handling non-British characters better.

Oh well.

Of course we had to reference the third Doctor. How could you not? I especially like that he's wielding his sword from Dualing Time Lords

There's actually a really nice moment in The Eight Doctors where 7 and 8 meet on Metebelis 3 and just sit down and talk. It's set immediately either side of the TVM and I just loved it, I wish I'd remembered it before now.

Speaking of the NAs, I've recently been invited to share a Podcast with my friend Anthony; Too Broad and Too Deep. We're in the midst of doing episode three, but please do check out the first two episodes and forgive the sound quality which is entirely down to my inexperience and dodgey laptop. 

See you all next week.

Foot note: We've all signed up for BuyMeACoffee. Jim will be using his to supplement his reduced income. Ness is going to be saving for a laptop or desktop with his. And mine also exists. 

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