Saturday 30 June 2012


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I've never got the big deal about Rose. I don't hate her, I just don't see her as the trail blazer that everyone else does.

"Finally a companion that can look after herself." Except Ace could do that. Come to think of it so could Romana and Sarah Jane.

"She's a match for the Doctor." Not nearly as much of a match as Liz Shaw.

But it was the complaints about the implied relationship between the two that annoyed me. "The Doctor wouldn't fall in love with a human."

Wouldn't he? Tell that to Sarah Jane, Grace, Emma or Romana. The Doctor has always been close to his companions and the line always had a tendency to be blurred with some of the female ones. None more so than Jo Grant as featured in today's comic.

To my mind Jo was the first time the Doctor fell head over heels for a human. Don't believe me? Then have a look at this clip of them saying goodbye and tell me the Doctor isn't broken hearted.

Yet despite this people still get upset about the Doctor and Grace in the TV Movie.

But we're all ignoring the really obvious question here; just how did the third Doctor smuggle Jo into the Matrix?

Anyway, this is the start of a new arc and there's only going to be more questions as time progresses.

Bad Wolf bay always reminds me of Jacopo Camagni. It was his rendition of it that first drew my attention to his work and got him involved with the DWRS. The bay always seems to bring the best out in artists, for example I never asked Jim to draw it. I just had the lines of dialogue coming from the television set.

I'm quite glad Jim went this way instead, sets the tone nicely doesn't it?

Now available to pre-order is The Comic Strip Companion by Paul Scoones. The book covers the years 1964 to 1979 and is a full guide to all the Doctor Who and Dalek comic strips that appeared in annuals and comics such as TV Century 21 and Countdown.
Paul has a been a friend of the strip almost from the start, but that's not why we're plugging his stuff. Ok, it's not the only reason we're plugging his stuff. The man knows his Who comics and this book is likely to provide quite an education on the subject. He's also agreed to write the introduction to the In Print book, but only if more people say they want it. Only a couple of folk have shown interest so far sadly.
Paul is an accredited expert on all things 'Who' and writes production information subtitles for the classic range of  Doctor Who DVD's as well as having writing published in Doctor Who Magazine. In fact the very same magazine has an interview with Paul this month - issue 449, in shops now.
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  1. Just like to point out that Romana was a timelord, not human, but your point still stands! :)

  2. You're right, dammit!

    That's what I get for writing that at 11 at night.

  3. For me, it's not the idea that the Doctor shouldn't fall in love with a human (he explains why he would never let himself go that far), but the fact that Rose is so immature. She's 19 when she first meets the Doctor, and she acts like she's still 17. I would've liked her a whole lot better if her relationship with the Doctor had been more like Ace's. She was just some rebound for a Doctor suffering from Woobie Destroyer of Worlds syndrome.

  4. Thank you! I never got into the whole Rose fan band wagon either. I don't hate her either, she's okay, but she's not the greatest of companions. My friends who only know the new series are excited she's returning. Me, not so much. I'm more excited to see the Zygons than Rose. Oh, and don't forget Leela. She could very easily take care of herself. In fact, she's not afraid to kill anyone who gets in her way.


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