Saturday 23 June 2012


And we're back with the Infinity Doctors. I do hope we've all been keeping up, especially as we have more guest stars appearing during this run of Guest Prints from Jesse.

It would seem that the Shalka Doctor is up to no good. Which is strange, because he's still the Doctor, right? Right?

I always thought that I would be limited in the number of characters for this strip. In fact it was only ever meant to be 7 and 8 starring, but the other Doctors just keep forcing their way in. I guess with an ego as big as they all have they were never going to sit quietly in the corner and let 7 and 8 hog the lime light.

In fact next week one of the earlier Doctors will be coming to the fore.

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Oh and Jim got interviewed again. He comes across well I thought, but leaves one question unanswered: when is someone going to interview Al? Seriously; I cry myself to sleep  about this every night.

Feedback on a printed version of our strip has been sadly underwhelming. We'll leave the link up a little longer, but unless we get some feedback soon we'll need to drop the plan for just now.

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See you next week folks.


  1. hahaha "Yes, yes i did"

  2. i guess the best bet is to see how it goes with Time Leech?


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