Sunday 21 April 2024

IN PRINT - 139

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I bloody well loved this episode.

This was one occasion where Chibnall's insistence on secrecy piid off in spades. Even the use of Captain Jack as a red herring was inspired.

And Jo Martin was an absolute revelation. There was something almost cruel about seeing a female Doctor written so well in this era, J suspect that was largely down to Vinay Patel. 

In other news today marks 13 years of Jim and I working together on In Print! 

When I first stuck an advert up on Kasterborus (Remember them? Hell I miss K Towers.) I had no idea that we'd still be doing it 13 years later or that I'd find a good friend in the process.

Thank you, Jim. It's been a privilege. 

Jim and I are currently working on the early stages of an original Sci-Fi project. It's been quite liberating to bot be beholden to anyone else. Hopefully you'll see the results soon.

Foot note: We've all signed up for BuyMeACoffee. Jim will be using his to supplement his reduced income. Ness is going to be saving for a laptop or desktop with his. And mine also exists. 

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