Saturday 5 March 2016

Who's Cat 23 - Mike Key

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Hi, Mike here again,
Today's strip includes "The Watcher", present at The Fourth Doctor's regeneration after falling from a great height...
In 1980, when the episode Logopolis aired I was 10 and so The Fourth Doctor's regeneration was a doubly sad time, marking the end of "my Doctor's" reign.
Happy times and places,

And back to Al. Like Mike said today's strip is poking fun at the fact the Doctor (4th in particular) shouldn't go climbing and if he does the Watcher is pretty much the worst partner he could take.

Right, time to be serious.

Last Sunday saw the end of a five year association for me, I left Kasterborous.

It was a decision I'd been wrestling with for months and was finally made for me when my Editor left for his own reasons taking my last vestige of loyalty to the site with him. It's just not been the same since Christian left. The new owner has flooded with the site with adverts that I felt uncomfortable even having on the same page as something I was reading, let alone next to something I had written. That and his distinctly hands off approach was hard to deal with especially when compared to Christian and Philip's hands on approach. 

So last Sunday I deleted all my old articles. It hurt. A lot.

Kasterborous was one of the few sites to take me seriously in the days before reprints when I was shouting loudly in the wilderness. Not only did Christian and co turn it into an ongoing series of articles and interviewed me, but they treated me like a human being and before you knew it I'd joined the team.

When I decided to launch this very strip it was Kasterborous that helped me publicise it and ultimately introduced me to Jim.

Make no bones about it, this strip would not be here today without Kasterborous. 

But times change and so must I.

I've already had an offer from another site. The Doctor Who Companion. It's being run by a gestalt of my previous editors and I gave it no thought what so ever about joining the new team when Phil extended the invitation.

It's not up and running properly just yet, but it's going to be fun when it gets going.

You watch us run...

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