Saturday 12 March 2016

Who's Cat 24 - Mike Key

It's weird the way things work out sometimes. I've been putting together a quiz based on 'Rose' for the Glasgow DW Society and as a result was watching it for homework last night as a result. Nothing too weird there, right? But in the next time trailer we get our first glimpse of Cassandra so it was a bit surreal to then go to update the strip to find her sitting there waiting.

We had a bit of a disaster in my house this week, my eldest daughter's Sonic Screwdriver was broken whilst my youngest was playing with it. It was the big hit from her birthday last year, partly because her big brother helped pick it for her and she was utterly heart broken that it was broken. For a second I thought my luck was in when it came to replacing it as the BBC shop is currently having a sale of various DW merchandise including Sonic Screw drivers. Sadly they were selling just about every version apart from the 9th/10th one that Niamh loved so much. I offered to replace it with an 11th, but she wasn't for having it. I got one eventually though, turns out the 'Day of the Doctor' one is cheaper than the regular versions. Go figure. I also resisted the urge to get myself a River Song Sonic Screwdriver. This time....

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