Saturday 9 January 2016

Who's Cat 15 - Mike Key

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Greeting from down under, Mike here! Although it's not snowing here in New Zealand from where I draw the Who's Cat strips, it takes a bit of getting used to - Christmas in the Summer, shorts and tee weather! We had a great seasonal break but back to work for me on Monday... :-( Continuing on from the last Who's Cat instalment we catch up with The Shalka Doctor/Great Intelligence incarnation again who's cluing up a young upstart who although maybe a fan of a particular era obviously hasn't seen the 2012 Christmas Special - The Snowman, "silly" boy! His loss. Hope all is well with you, wherever in the multi-verse you're reading this from, much like it's fans, the Who's Print Team really is a worldwide effort! Maybe one day we'll all get to meet up in person. Happy times and places, Mike

And back to Alasdair. Nothing much to really add to that. Apart from it's probably not wise to dwell on just what happened to the kid in the 3rd panel. Brrrrrr...

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