Saturday 2 January 2016

The Infinites - Christmas 15

Don't worry folks, we're not adding Santa to the cast. This is just a thought that occurred to me last year when watching 'Last Christmas', the first time we saw Santa it was just him and the Doctor and the advice he gave did seem to involve having a good idea what the Doctor was thinking and feeling... 

Anyway, the bigger news today is that I remembered to post the strip in the first place. Granted it's later than usual, but the kids are still in fully fledged Santa Mode and I'm waiting for a man to come and fix my windscreen. 

Looking forward to this years set of In Print, however I've not had a chance to type any of the new strips up and send them Jim, Nesshead or Mike so we'll be dipping back into Mike's Who's Cat for the next few weeks whilst I rectify that situation. The problem being that, as I'm sure I've said before, I hand write most of the strips and then type them up since none of the guys can read my writing. I've got the first six months done, I just need time to sit at the PC. I did have some time right before Christmas, but the circuit breaker for my upstairs plugs blew which buggered my access to my PC and my laptop is currently off at my mate's flat getting fixed. 

Soon though, soon....

Right I'm off, the wind screen guy just called to say he'd be here in 10 min. See you all soon.