Saturday 17 October 2015

Who's Cat 13 - Mike Key

I've been looking forward to this one. Those of you that have been reading this comic for a while will no doubt be familiar with the Valeyard's recurring role, so it was only really a matter of time before he cropped up in Who's Cat. And as much as it pains me to admit it there was a strong following for the theory that believed the War Doctor was in fact the Valeyard. It was wrong. Obviously wrong. Demonstrably wrong. Moments earlier the Great Intelligence had stated that the Valeyard remained in the future and then the 11th Doctor stated that the War Doctor was from his past. It was stated as blatantly as that, few things in Who were as clear cut as this. Yet I'm willing to bet that someone, you know who you are, is going to make a comment about this could still totally be the case.


Anyway, wasn't 'Before the flood' fun? I really enjoyed it, even if I remain a little baffled by the role of the Fisher King. There was so much time spent building him up, there were three different actors contributing to his performence and there was obviously a lot of work went into his prosthetics. All of which is mind boggling given how little screen time he had. And don't even get me started on his name.

But, yeah, fun apart from that.

Next week sees the return of Jim and the main strip. I'm sure you're all looking forward to seeing him back. But don't worry about Who's Cat, we'll be seeing Mike back before too long. Apart from anything else he's got another 3 months worth of strips in his buffer. Thanks, Mike, we couldn't have kept going these last three months without your help and contribution!

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