Saturday 22 August 2015

Who's Cat 5 - Mike Key

Ah, Jenny. Jenny, Jenny, Jenny. Her relationship to the Doctor has never really been straight forward and her relationships with previous Doctors is even more complex. I've written about it before with my tongue firmly in my cheek. But when it comes to the 'Print Verse I've been having serious doubts about her for a while. Would she merit a place in the Doctor's private Matrix? She is, after all, kind of a version of him. Isn't she?

I'd more or less decided against including her in the strip before Mike started doing Who's Cat, but she just seemed a perfect match for the style and humour.

Mike has built up quite an archive already for Who's Cat. There's another 6 or 7 strips after this one and there's no visible sign of them slowing down. In fact one got added a short while ago and it's my favourite so far of the ones I've written. I have to differentiate between the ones I write and the ones Mike does all by himself mostly because the ones Mike does make me laugh a lot harder. It's possibly the fact that I don't know the punchline in advance, but I suspect it's more to do with the fact they're funnier. We're currently debating the future of Who's Cat. Mike seems happy to have them sitting to be used as filler as required, but I'm not utterly convinced. I think we need to find a way to share them on a semi regular basis.

Anyway, time I was going. Mostly because Dropbox has finally finished installing onto my back up PC (thanks, Dad!) so I can upload this week's strip and tweak the earlier ones.

All this is being done with 'The Last Adventure' on in the background. Expect an opinion on that next week.