Saturday 29 August 2015

Who's Cat 6 - Mike Key

This is another strip that Mike put together and threw at me. I have to admit I wouldn't have thought of using the 'University Challenge' set a back drop, but it's totally worth it for the punchline. It also lets Mike show off some of the Doctors he's been putting into the Garfield style. 12 especially works for me.

Actually is this 12's first appearance in the strip? I think it might be. I had initially planned to have him appear in this strip, but it transpired that Nesshead had been avoiding finding out who the new Doctor was so I opted for the War and Warner Doctor instead.

Nope, I was wrong. He's appeared here, I went back and checked.

And talking of spoilers we're keeping the page spoiler free regarding the first episode. I missed the Edinburgh screening due to family circumstances, but a number of folk from the Glasgow Doctor Who Society (and Lorne) got along and they're all saying nice things about it. Reports that one of our members spilled a pint on Steven Moffat remains unconfirmed due the confidentiality agreements signed.

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