Saturday 15 August 2015

Who's Cat 4 - Mike Key

Would you believe that Mike hadn't read much Garfield before we started this particular run? I know he hadn't because he told me as much, but he's caught on really quickly when you consider that I had no input to today's strip at all. It just works doesn't it?

I've written another half dozen or so for Mike, and he's putting some together himself and it's been an absolute blast. And going by the site numbers you guys are enjoying Who's Cat just as much as we are. Jim's break is nearly over and you can expect some of the main strip back soon, but I don't think the initial plan of using Mike's stuff as Guest Prints in going to work, not at the rate he's producing them. How would you guys feel about seeing Who's Cat on a regular basis?

And speaking of other artists those of you that have been missing 2ndFade will be glad to know he's still here and that we've been working on some new strips that I'm very excited about. So excited that I seem to have been rendered speechless, a serious problem when trying to write.

I really need to get back to 2ndFade on that...

Right time to take my car to the garage. Wish me luck...

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