Saturday 8 August 2015

Who's Cat 3 - Mike Key

I still get a buzz when I get Emails from one of the art team and I get to see how they've brought my scripts to life, it's quite a feeling. And every so often I get Emailed a strip like this. I didn't write this one, Mike did it completely off of his own back and it fits perfectly into the scheme of things. It's nice to know that every so often this strip can still surprise me.

Jim'll be back soon, but given the popularity of Mike's Guest Prints we're going to keep running them on a semi regular basis. Apart from the fact they give us a comfortable buffer I think Mike would keep doing them anyway, he seems to be having a lot of fun with them.

You should see the two cast photos he did just for reference, they're outstanding! I'm working on writing more of these and am currently trying to work out a way of bringing Wolsey into proceedings, especially given the name of the strip.

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