Saturday 27 June 2015


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He's not wrong. 'Exile' is tremendous fun, but it's totally insane. It stars Arabella Weir as the Doctor and at the risk of spoiling it slightly Nick Briggs has a cameo as the previous Doctor. If you ask me though the real fun comes from the pair of Time Lords attempting to track down the Doctor, one of whom is played by an actor we're all pretty familiar with. Look just go out and get it from Big Finish, you can thank me later.
Arabella Weir went on to guest star in 'one of the Matt Smith Christmas Specials alongside Bill Baily and I was disappointed that more wasn't made of her turning up. Mind you I didn't make the connection til later myself....
A slightly earlier draft of today's strip was previewed to a small selection of folk at the Glasgow Doctor Who Society as there are a couple of them who are fans of alternate Doctors (in fact Dave has dreams of cos playing as the Nth Doctor) and I thought they'd get a kick from it. They laughed, so I'm hopeful you guy'll do the same.
Right I'm going now as I'm typing today's blog in Facebook messenger so Jim can copy and paste it straight into here. So please forgive any mistakes I made may of.