Saturday 20 June 2015


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A guest strip from Paul Salvi today. Long time readers will recognise Paul as a regular guest artist over the years, in fact he did the very first Guest Print. He's done a few others as well and was kind enough to do today's strip on very short notice. When I first encountered Paul he was drawing a comic called Living with Insanity and went on to draw The Line after his stint on that was finished. He's also contributed to the now wrapped up Gutters. Sadly he's not been drawing much recently (which makes me extra grateful for today's strip), hopefully he finds time and motivation to get back to a regular strip soon. Hell, I know I've got an idea for a multiple Master strip that needs an artist....

Oh and anyone wondering why the Special Weapons Dalek is referred to as Derek should read this.

Ness is back with the Infinites week, see you all then.