Saturday 13 June 2015


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It shouldn't work, the Doctor playing guitar like that just shouldn't work. At all. Yet Jesse and myself just couldn't stop grinning at that penultimate panel.

Long time readers will remember Jesse from previous guest strips including longer runs of The Infinity Doctors and The I Files.Those of you that have been with us since the DWRS days will remember our unfinished collaboration.

I had been about to ask Jesse if he had time to do a guest strip when he dropped this onto my lap. Our unspoken synchronicity continues to make me more than a little sad that our schedules don't allow for more time for us to work together.

Speaking of teamwork I've just sent Jim the 100th script for the main strip, I've included a couple of scenes purely for Jim's enjoyment. I figured after over a 100 (don't forget the Christmas strips and Extras) that he was due something...