Saturday 23 May 2015


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The first time we saw the Doctor diving through the sky was during Lance Parkin's 'The Dying Days' in a scene so intense and exciting that it could have come straight out of a series finale, which is perhaps why it felt slightly familiar when the 12th Doctor did something similar in the last finale we had. We've also had the Shalka Doctor, as written by Paul Cornell, free falling in what remains the best TARDIS entrance in any medium. It's not hard to to imagine that the current Who team had those two scenes in mind when 12's free fall was put together.

Of course it's also possible that they'd been watching 'The End of Time', but then today's strip kind of falls apart if we go down that road.

In other news I'm still working on fixing the navigation links, unfortunately my plan to do them last Sunday was foiled by my five minute nap lasting significantly longer than planned. Soon though.

Maybe even tonight if I can shake this hayfever.

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