Saturday 16 May 2015


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He really, really has. A lot of ideas from the EDAs have been recycled into the new series, too many to go into just now. All you need to know for today is that the Doctor encountered his biodata in physical form once before, in 'Unnatural History' by Kate Orman and Jonathan Blum and that last panel is meant to represent 8 and 11 scanning it at the same time, but from different locations.

After over half a century of ideas I suppose old ideas are going to get recycled, the Daleks and Cybermen are prime examples, but ideas from the 91-05 books seem especially ripe for picking as a minority of fans have managed to read them for various reasons. Certainly Kate and Jonathan were tweaking with the Doctor's biodata long before Great Intelligence tried it in 'The Name of the Doctor'.

Right, time to go. There's going to be some more book references next week, this time in a panel that I'm thinking about ordering off of Jim as a print...