Saturday 6 September 2014


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The strip's a little late today. Mainly because I was still drawing it last night and finishing off this morning.

Jim here this week as Alasdair's a busy man this weekend. I've literally only had barely over 24 hours to construct this weekends comic due to going away for a family wedding earlier this week. But I've done it and here it is - more worrying reflections on the new series from 6,7 and 8!!

I might as well take the opportunity here to let you all know that a two page In Print strip will be appearing in the next issue of CSO - The Cult TV fanzine which will be available in the next couple of months. In Print will actually be 'in print'! We'll be letting you know the full details of how to grab yourself a copy as soon it's published. Or head on over to their website - CSO Fanzine  or their page on Facebook - CSO- FACEBOOK to find out first-hand.

We'll be back next week. Don't forget you can check all our updates on our Facebook Group page, please join if you haven't done so already.

                                     Until next time...