Saturday 13 September 2014

IN PRINT - Of Spoons and Scotsmen...

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Admit it, we've all tried to forget the Doctor's skills with the spoons haven't we? Well it turns out that he's been practicing. 
A lot.
And that wasn't the only throwback, I'm pretty sure Ben Miller was playing the Ainley version of the Master, even if he was credited as 'Sheriff of Nottingham'.
I thought the whole episode was fun (apart from the mirrors and the cast off arrow from Silver Nemesis) and am looking forward to seeing 'Listen'. Although that won't be till tomorrow as I won't have a recorder or internet until next week. So shhhhh on spoilers...
You may be interested to know that this strip is available in our Redbubble store. Jim'll link it in as I'm typing this from my phone and sending it to Jim from here.