Saturday 22 February 2014


Anyone who checks Paul Hanley's dA page on a regular basis will know exactly who this larger than life character is. Although truth be told he wasn't part of the initial script for 'Paradox Now'. We'd just finished putting together our designs for the Others (with lots of help from Sasha Lipinsky) with Paul published his version of the Other, with design input from Lance Parkin no less. So I went cap in hand to ask Paul if we could use his version in the strip. Luckily Paul gracefully agreed and so we have today's very special guest star.

Paul is a big fan of alternate Doctors, like myself, as can be seen from his latest artwork. How many of them can  you name? I had to look up two...

Next week we have the finale to 'Paradox Now' and then we're going to run the last of Nesshead's 'Grand Tour'. Providing of course that he's recovered from Gallifrey One by that point of course, he seems to have had a lot of fun. How many of you saw him?

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See you all next week.

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