Saturday 18 January 2014


They're not here for Jack? I don't think anyone expected that, including Jack it would seem. I mean surely he's wanted by several law enforcement agencies? And now that I come to think of it what's he doing in this TARDIS anyway?

Oh that Jack.

So just who are they after? You have a couple more weeks before you find out and I think the answer may surprise you. Please feel free to discuss your theories in the comments section.

We're back next week with the penultimate episode (is that right? I'll need to double check) and after that we a have another Guest Print from Paul Salvi and then it's back to the regular stuff. I'm starting to make headway with the material for this year. The 50th Specials have given me some different ideas to implement and it's all starting to come together nicely.

Right I'm off to cough up a lung in the corner. I'll see you all next week.

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