Saturday 7 December 2013


Apologies to anyone who was looking forward to the 5th in today's Grand Tour, We've taken a slight detour, we'll see the 5th next time, but not where you're all expecting him. Sorry Johnny.

On a related note, we begin to see where we're going with this arc as of today. The Great Intelligence needs a change of clothes after posing as the Watcher and look at the set of clothes he's picked out. I wonder if this is going somewhere...

I try and not talk much about myself on here, but I'm going to steer away from that this week. I work as a Science Technician at a High School in Scotland. My school is currently trying to win giant Lego robots for the Physics department. Why does this concern you? Because we need people to click on 'Barrhead High' to get us votes, the school with the largest number of votes gets giant Lego robots to help teach the pupils.

Giant. Lego. Robots.

And I'd get to use them. In a professional capacity.

So, if you wouldn't mind clicking the link and choosing 'Barrhead High' that'd be much appreciated.

Next week we have... well what do we have? Where can we possibly go from the new 7 dissolving the TARDIS? Will there be an In Print next week?

Tune in same Bat Time, same Bat Chann.... hold on, that's not right. We'll see you next week and all shall become clear.

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