Saturday 14 December 2013


For everyone who ever wondered what happened to the real Paul McGann and Sylvester McCoy from last year's Christmas Special; well here's the answer.

Did any of you see it coming?

I have a vague plan of where this strip is going, but sometimes plot points come at you out of no-where, like when we saw this version of the Eye of Harmony room (or Cloister room if you prefer) and it just fitted in perfectly with Grandfather Paradox hijacking the Eye of Harmony.

There's 5 more strips to go before this arc ends and I promised Jim and Nesshead time off over Christmas, so I have a guest arc and artist lined up for a 5 week block. Jesse Lax and myself have been preparing a 5 part arc that we really hope you'll enjoy. We've certainly had fun putting it together.

All things being even though we should be here next week with part 6 of the Grand Tour and from there we'll be making it up through to 2014.

See you guys then.

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