Monday 30 December 2013



Turns out that last strip wasn't our last of 'Paradox Now' for this year. Jim wanted you guys to wonder who that bearded guy is over the course of the guest strips. Those of you that know your Whovian history or have read the right books should be able to work out who he is. Feel free to speculate in the comments section or on our Facebook and Twitter pages.
There's three more strips left of this arc once the strip returns, hope you guys are looking forward to seeing how we finish this arc up.

So, 'Time of the Doctor'. I rather enjoyed it. My biggest problem with it was it tried to fit too many ideas into it's running time. I suspect that if the last part of Series 7 had been more arc based rather than standalone episodes then it might have felt a little less cramped.

Having watched various online fan conversations I find it amusing to note that the same people that complained about the the arc being too complicated then complained about the 7b stories being too standalone and are now complaining that the last episode was too rushed. You're never going to keep everybody happy. Steven Moffat still has my interest and support for what's to come and I can't wait to see what he's going to bring us with Peter Capaldi.

Speaking of whom, I quite enjoyed his entrance. Kidneys aside it an exercise in Scottish sarcasm and bluntness and bodes well for the coming series. As a Scotsman I thought "We're probably crashing" was the best response I've ever heard the Doctor give a companion and the mad eyes he gave Clara right after his regeneration give me shivers.

I'm sorry to see Matt Smith go, but I'm also very, very excited for the future.

We're back again in a few days with a Saturday strip. In the mean time have a very happy New Year.

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