Saturday 19 October 2013


And so it begins. Paradox Now is going to be replacing our Christmas Special this year and as such it will be running all the way through November. In fact we are hoping to update a lot more during November, not quite daily, but certainly more than once a week.

Jim's is working away on the buffer just now, and as November begins we will make a decision on the update schedule. This is the real reason the Classic Doctors are not appearing in 'The Day of the Doctor' you know, we had them booked.

In regards to today's strip, I always wondered just what that equipment was really used for when I saw the TV movie. I mean, really, it does look as if it was designed for torture or for, well, you know....

As for Grandfather Paradox? He's from the books, the EDAs specifically. I was always struck by the coincidental similarities he shared with the 9th Doctor, you couldn't have planned it really. Jim has taken elements of 8 and 9 to create our version of the Grandfather. The leather coat and the umbrella are my contributions. The umbrella to note the fact that the Grandfather was first mentioned in 'Christmas on a rational planet' which was a NA.

So, for everyone who thought the Valeyard was the big bad? Well keep watching....

Round three of the Grand Tour next week, then we will return to Paradox Now.

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