Saturday 12 October 2013


Given the re-release of some 2nd Doctor episodes this week it seems pretty fortunate that we've chosen to focus on a 2nd Doctor story this week. Kind of.

This is more a behind the scenes type affair, but seems like a good point to cause some divergence and chaos in the Doctors time stream. It also appears to be an origin of sorts for the Web of Caves Doctor, certainly within the In Print Verse, bet none of you were expecting that.

This is, of course, the Time Lords deliberating on the face of the 3rd Doctor. If you've seen The War Games, and if you haven't correct that soon, then you'll know that the 2nd Doctor refused to choose a face, so the Time Lords chose for him. The gentlemen sitting in the background are the faces that were flashed up as options. They were done as fairly basic pencil drawings and Nesshead has done a great job of fleshing the out.

So where are we going next week?

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