Saturday 7 September 2013


Actually, apart from the fact he has both arms 9 is a pretty good fit for Grandfather Paradox. And he did lose a hand in the next regeneration...

Seriously though I'm glad we're doing this arc just now and not after the 50th Anniversary episode (has it got a name yet? I'm getting a bit fed up of calling it the 50th. I'd love for it to be called 'The Three Doctors) as I suspect that the Hurt Doctor may end up being the one that destroys Gallifrey and I'd have to rewrite a whole arc because I had lost a throw away observation.

You'll also have noticed that we still haven't revealed the name of this arc. Tell you what; we'll reveal it in a couple of strips. How does that sound? After all it's not as if we've given you any clues. Honest.

In the meantime if you care to hazard a guess then the comments section is all yours.

So did everyone enjoy the glimpse into the past of the 'Fatal Death' Doctor last week? How would you all feel about seeing more like that? I hope everyone answered "yes" to both those questions or you are not going to enjoy the next few Infinites strips. I know I'm looking forward to them.

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