Saturday 31 August 2013


I have to confess I've been looking forward to this one. Ness Emailed me a while back asking if he could draw some different Whovian monsters in the strip and that suggestion kind of meshed with an idea I'd had to show the Infinite Doctor's pasts. Of course the fact that I'd been watching Blackadder at the time probably helped influence the decision...

How could I show Rowan Atkinson at different points of history without referencing Blackadder? It just wouldn't have been feasible. Of course poor Nesshead hadn't much experience of Blackadder, but luckily his friend, Alex Monreal Jr, stepped in with 4 series worth of episodes. I take great pleasure in the fact that Nesshead is now a genuine fan of the Series.

Any wondering where the unusual TARDIS design came from? That's from the 'Back and Forth' Special. Pretty cool isn't it?

Anyway, sorry we were so late today, but as you can see I gave Ness quite a bit to draw. See you all early next week. Jim's buffer is back, so it'll be pretty prompt.  

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