Saturday 27 July 2013


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It's a valid question. The Great Intelligence never hid what it was yet the Doctor still had an epiphany about his identity.

Oh well.

Seven shouldn't get too judgemental though as he's blatantly missed five extra Doctors. One of whom bears a striking resemblance to a certain foe he may or may not be watching. The crossover continues next week with another strip from Nesshead.

So were you at SDCC? Nesshead was meant to be there, but missed out at the last moment to a technicality. The trailer sounded like it was a lot of fun, oh well, maybe we'll all get next year...

And it's a big thank you to all of you, our faithful readers! We hit a half million views last night. This literally couldn't have happened without you, so a big thank you fro all in In Print!

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