Saturday 20 July 2013


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Here we go, the crossover is here at last. Although technically it began when the Watcher joined the main two a few strips back

Actually, no, it began here. This is a proper crossover. Although in truth the Watcher first appeared in this strip, that was more of a cheeky reference that an actual appearance. 

I first encountered the Watcher in the Target Novelisation where he looked a lot more mysterious. I always loved the fact that he was a future aspect of the Doctor, perhaps even the Doctor himself, and that he could interact with himself. It's a very timey wimey concept. I think I gave Jim and Nesshead some serious issues with drawing as it's hard to get really clear visual references, but they have him looking great. 

This plot continues next week, with Jim drawing it this time, and we'll see what happens next. I have plans for the Watcher, this is all part of the long game.

They raise a valid point, the others really should be questioning their presence here, although just how the Shalka Doctor arrived may have been called into question by recent television episodes.

We're working on that...

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