Saturday 29 June 2013


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So, here it is. Our 50th strip.

Kind of.

It's certainly the 50th main strip. But In Print has expanded well beyond my initial plans for it. It started slowly, Jim did a couple of Extras here and there. Then he did a whole multi page Christmas Special. Twice. We had a couple of Guest Prints here and there. One of which evolved into our semi regular Prop Cupboard of Obscure Doom. Jesse came on board for The Infinity Doctors which has become our regular Infinites feature.

What I'm getting at is that this is our 50th strip and our 117th.

So we've marked the occasion. I just love the special one off strip that we've done for this. Jim has taken my initial idea and really run with it. I've been teasing you guys for months that it'd make a good Tshirt. Was I right? Well it's up in our store now. You tell me.

That's about it for me for just now. Just a quick reminder that we're on Twitter and that we're having a poll about your favourite Unbound Doctor on our Facebook page.

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