Saturday 6 July 2013


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I'd actually love to watch this version of 'The Three Doctors'. I can see the Warner Doctor in the Hartnell role; watching from a monitor whilst the other two wreaked havoc all around them.

Hijink ensue and all that.

Anyway, this is the last we'll see of the Unbound Doctors for a short while. Next up we have the regular cast crossing over with the main strip cast and then we begin the build up to the Infinites November Special. But they'll be back, don't you worry. In fact I'm currently trying to decide if the Deadline Doctor should be carrying the Shalka Master's head around with him from here on in. If I decide to keep him in the cast. I haven't decided firmly either way yet. I'm also under pressure from Nesshead to bring back the Exile Doctor as he enjoyed drawing her. But I've been re-listening to Exile and I think I've found a way to do it and progress the plot.

In other news we've been selling Tshirts. Come and have a look around the store and maybe even buy a couple.

And since we're relying on you guys to buy them we'd love your feedback on what you'd like on the shirts. For example, would anything from this strip work? The Shalka Master's head with a 'my friend did a webcast and all I got was dismembered' type slogan (not my best, I didn't sleep much last night) or perhaps the Collings Doctor tied up with "He's not the Oncoming Storm, he's a very naughty boy" or even the last panel with "The Other Three Doctors".

Let us know, you're the customers after all. If you don't buy these then who will?

You can leave your ideas in the comments section, Email us at or leave word at our Twitter and Facebook pages.

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