Saturday 13 April 2013


My wife is not a fan of Doctor Who. Not even slightly. She can't stand any aspect of it even in the slightest and she worries that it's too scary for the kids to watch with me, mostly because the one episode she did watch had Captain Darling turn into an Ood.

Why am I telling you this? Well partly it's to distract you all from the fact that this strip has an Ice Warrior complaining about not appearing in New Who the very same day they finally reappear in New Who and partly because 2nd Fade has produced the only bit of Who art that my wife has ever liked. She simply adored that my youngest daughter and Jim's newest son had been turned into cartoons for this strip.

Jim and I are pretty over the moon that our kids are now canon. Thanks, 2nd.

So, yeah, Ice Warriors.

What can I say? This strip is written pretty far in advance, Jim's drawn up to August and I really need to get him more scripts. When this was one put together there wasn't the slightest hint of them reappearing. Still 2nd Fade does a pretty cool Ice Warrior and we feel the need to show it off.

Let's not talk about the Zygon in the corner.

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