Saturday 20 April 2013


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See this is what frustrates me about the companions since 2005; he travels throughout time and space, but only seems to collect girls from the early 21st century? In my opinion the most interesting companions in the last few years have been Jack and Rory. One's a Time Agent from the future and the other a recovered 2,000 year old Auton. To mind that's more in keeping with being a Time Lord's travelling companion. River has been interesting, but I'm not sure if I count her as a regular companion.

Given that the current companion has appeared in two other time periods before being revealed as being from the early 21st century I'm still holding out hopes that she might not be a walking cliché. We'll see I guess.

Hope you guys have been enjoying the Doctors watching the show again. Don't worry there's another arc coming, it might even cross over with The Infinites, we'll have to wait and see.

I got a text from Jim earlier this week all excited about pictures of John Hurt turning up on the internet. At first I thought he was just excited to see him appear, but he had a few observations about his outfit that tie into the strip. Mostly because it resembles the gentlemen to the right's outfit. Feel free to discuss his identity in the comments section.

We'll neither confirm nor deny....

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  1. When was season 24? Sorry, I am a bit new to all the details.....

  2. 6th series i think

  3. Season 24 was Sylvester McCoy's first season, with Mel as companion, was in 1986. Not the best series in the show's history ;)

  4. I've been reading these for nearly a year now and today was the first time I ever noticed the "comments" section!

    Totally don't mind the repeated joke about Season 24~

    Season 24 was the season that ruined Dr Who for me, circa 1990. I somehow kept managing to watch them (PBS) in hopes it would get better. But it didn't really. Season 25 was almost as bad - not quite, and things did start to get better though, but by the time the final season made it to the USA, I had given up trying to find when it was being aired, and never saw those last 4 stories until very recently.

    I have listened to a handful of 7/McCoy's stories on Big Finish audio, and almost all of the 6th Doctor as well - I will say I like most of what they've done with Mel there - she comes off a lot better than she did on TV. Or maybe it's just the stories and storytelling that is done a lot better.


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