Saturday 16 February 2013



Emergency broadcast!!

Jim here this week instead of Alasdair... Alasdair's quite busy this weekend but I'm sure he'll let you all know more about that next week.

Second edition of the Infinites today from our very own Ness-Head... He's busy too this week hanging around the stars at Gallifrey One 2013. I've even heard news that he showed the Valeyard himself - Michael Jayston, this very comic strip!
Only a couple more weeks before the regular In Print starts again, and believe me we've got a fun packed year ahead of us... Plenty of twists and turns so make sure you tune in every Saturday because you wont want to miss what we have in store for you all.

As usual big thanks to everyone involved with In Print - Alasdair Shaw, 2ND FADE, Ness Head, Tone Cartoons, Paul Salvi, Michael David Key and Jesse Lax - you're all stars in your own right. And everyone that helps pushing In Print out - The Daily Dalek (also by Tone Cartoons), The Doctor & the Tardis by Craig Hurle, Inferno Fiction.. We wouldn't reach such a great readership without you guys... Thank you!

Anyway, enough of me and remember you can catch us on Twitter and on our Facebook page. We'll be back for more mayhem next week!