Saturday 28 July 2012


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Beware of Scottish midgets. Not just a hint of what's to come, but good advice in general I feel.

When I wrote this particular strip I envisioned Three wielding a cutlass. Jim had another idea and gave him Ten's sword from The Christmas Invasion. A particularly nice touch I felt.

Speaking of Christmas, work began today on the Christmas Special. If you thought we pushed the boat out last year with our six page special, just wait until you see what we have planned for this years. Suffice to say that work is beginning behind the scenes just now.

The seeds for this particular strip were sown years ago when whilst watching Battlefield. The Doctor's refusal to fight and the casual way he strolled through a sword fight seemed to be in sharp contrast to the way the Three would of handled things.

I like to imagine different Doctors in different episodes on occasion and I found myself wondering how Seven would of dealt with the Christmas Invasion. With his umbrella of course.
More In Print next week. Holidays are in full flow just now, so you'll need to wait to see just which strip pops up/

That's code for "I have no idea myself"

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