Saturday 21 July 2012


Well that's more new characters. Well after a fashion, after all as Eight implies they're all versions of the Doctor. If you don't recognise them then I'd suggest clicking here, here and here.

Right, everyone caught up?

The Infinity Doctors was written while listening to my son play the intro to Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends over and over. I hope it shows.

You'll have noticed by this point that I have a fondness for alternate Doctors. I have done ever since I discovered the Valeyard and then the Cushing Doctor. But where it really took root was when I discovered the Other in the New Adventures, suddenly the number of Doctors was no longer limited to 13 and any every Doctor could be canon. Doctor Who Unlimited as it were.

Anywhere, more from the Infinity Doctors in a fortnight. Back to the Seven and Three dual next week.

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Indeed, if anyone fancies putting together an In Print montage using the Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends music that would just about make my year! Send the link to the same address.

In the meantime we're going to leave you with a picture that Jim drew of a Sontaren. 

I think we'll call him Sid.....

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