Saturday 30 September 2017

IN PRINT - 117

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Hello. Can you hear me?

I'm sending this blog via Jim's Whatsapp, so apologies for the bumpy landing.

We've had a few queries about Benny turning up and quite how that fits in with our own version of continuity.

My first thought is that I'm delighted you guys care enough to spot potential gaffs in continuity. It means you've been paying attention and that you care. Heart warming and all that.

Benny was always going to turn up. She's referenced in the first few strips and not accidentally. Benny represents the NAs for a lot of people and seeing as this strip comes out of a love for the NAs and Doctor Who literature in general it seemed inevitable.

As for the how? Well in a Big Finish adventure set during the NA period, Shadow of the Scourge I think, Benny finds herself in the 7th Doctor's mindscape and in fact stumbles across a proto version of 8. So there's your precedent.

Right, I should get going. Catch you all soon.