Saturday 29 October 2016

Who's Cat 42 - Mike Key

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Mike: The return of The Empty Child and combining catchphrases. My seven year old will not love Who's Cat but will not like this one, he is VERY scared of "Are you my Mummy?"... 

Alasdair: My youngest is also amused by this strip. 

I'd be remiss not to mention Steve Dillon in this post. His influence has cropped up here and there in the strip in form of Abslom Daak and Kroton, two very different characters in the Who verse and two I'm especially fond of. But for me his influence goes a bit further.

Preacher is what I'll always remember him for. Preacher was introduced to me by my Best Man and I was instantly hooked. Despite it's reputation Preacher's real strength is it's characterisation and it came as much from Dillon's facial expressions as it came from Ennis' writing. It was a lasting lesson on what can come from a writer and artist working in tandem. 

There's also a particular panel that's become more important to me in recent weeks, but that's an entirely different, and private, story.

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