Saturday 22 October 2016

Who's Cat 41 - Mike Key

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Mike: The Pyramids of Mars, quite possible my favourite "Classic Who" story. I had it on Betamax, I seem to remember it costing a whacking 25 quid, a lot of money for a pre-een back in the day, but I definitely got my money's worth out of it. Along with Brain of Morbius, Robots of Death and Genesis of the Daleks, Tom's "Gothic Who" era is definitely my favourite. Perhaps because those are my earliest memories of watching Who, that would be why the fourth incarnation will always be "My Doctor"...

Alasdair:  Mike had Betamax. That thought amused me quite a bit until I realised that I'm old enough to remember what Betamax is. That and there's probably quite a few of you out there that don't and that makes me feel even older.

Anyway. I'm off to feel old...

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