Saturday 11 June 2016


Granted that most of the strips that appear have some degree of wish fulfillment involved, but the idea of Big Finish doing 'Cold Fusion' is probably the most blatant yet!

Each time Big Finish announce a new audio reprint I cross my fingers that it's 'Cold Fusion' and I still think it's quite likely that we'll see it in the reasonably near future. If anyone from Big Finish is reading this then can I please suggest casting Alex Kingston as Patience?

Spoiler alert for anyone who hasn't read or heard anything about 'Cold Fusion'.

No one here should be surprised I love 'Cold Fusion'. It's a multi Doctor story featuring the 7th Doctor and featuring elements of The Other written by Lance Parkin. It ticks so many boxes for me that I'm actually not sure how you would improve it other than by having Paul Hanley illustrate a graphic novel version....

Anyway, I should get moving. Apologies for the late posting, but Jim is away on important family business and Nesshead had a birthday this week and quite frankly I'm relieved to find out that he's alive!

See you all next week.